05. February 2016

Campaign mode, trap upgrades and three additional maps: new to Orcs Must Die! Unchained

Karlsruhe, 5/2/2016 – Developer Robot Entertainment continues to use the closed beta phase to add more polish to its team-based tower defence game. The campaign … more

28. January 2016

HEX: Shards of Fate – Chronicles of Entrath Introduces Extensive Single-Player Campaign to Digital TCG

Role-playing flair delivered in PvE combat and huge gaming world complete with talent system

Karlsruhe, 28/01/2016 – With today’s release of Chronicles of Entrath, Gameforge and HEX Entertainment have published the largest PvE update for HEX: Shards of Fate … more

17. December 2015

AION Free-to-Play now available on STEAM

Karlsruhe, 17/12/2015 – Gameforge has published award-winning MMO AION Free-to-Play on Valve’s digital distribution platform. As of 16/12/2015, all European users now have the opportunity … more

16. December 2015

TERA: Fate of Arun – Brawler Class and Two New End-game Dungeons Now Playable

Karlsruhe, 16/12/2015 – Gameforge and developers Bluehole welcome a new class to the world of Arborea in the latest update to the action MMORPG TERA: … more

Grand-Prize Elsword
15. December 2015

The winners of the Elsword contest have been decided!

International Jury announces the best three submissions from both contest categories

Karlsruhe, 15/12/2015 – The video/song contest ‘Playing with Fire!’ for side-scrolling MMO Elsword has now ended and the winners have been announced today on the … more

Sparkypants Logo
11. December 2015

Gameforge Expands North American Publishing Presence with Development Agreement with Sparkypants Studios

Karlsruhe, GERMANY – Dec 11th, 2015 – Gameforge, a leading provider of free-to-play and MMO games for European regions, has signed a publishing agreement with … more

10. December 2015

TERA: Fate of Arun – New Class and Two New Dungeons

Bruise-cruising Brawler, Kalivan’s Dreadnaught and the Forsaken Isle arrive in Arborea

Karlsruhe, 10/12/2015 – Gameforge and developers Bluehole will release the next big update to the action MMORPG TERA: Fate of Arun in mid-December. The patch … more

Orcs must Die! Unchained - Surrounded 3
04. December 2015

Orcs Must Die! Unchained: Update 2.6 expands Survival mode with crafting and a new map

“Surrounded” delivers tower defence gaming in the style of predecessors

Karlsruhe, 4/12/2015 – The latest update to Robot Entertainment’s Orcs Must Die! Unchained shines a spotlight on PvE mode ‘Survival’. Alongside the new map, ‘Surrounded’, … more

Tim Campbell
03. December 2015

Gameforge Establishes New Games Division

Game Industry Veteran Timothy Campbell to Lead New Division as Senior Vice President, Games

Karlsruhe, 3/12/2015 – Gameforge, a leading provider of free-to-play and MMO games for European regions, has restructured, creating a new Games Division to better unify … more

20. November 2015

Carsten van Husen withdraws from the operative business of Gameforge AG

Karlsruhe, 20th of November 2015 — After ten years, Carsten van Husen will step down from the operative management of the Gameforge Group at his … more

17. November 2015

TERA: Fate of Arun – New Start Area and More

New Start Area on Stepstone Isle, Improved Character Creation plus Tips for Returning Players

Karlsruhe, 17/11/2015 – In the latest update to the action MMORPG TERA: Fate of Arun, Gameforge and developers Bluehole unveil a brand-new start area – … more

Gameforge GameJam 2014

49 hours, one goal: from idea to final game all in one weekend. These were the foundations for our third internal GameJam, “Hammerzeit”. With a lot of enthusiasm and creativity, some great projects were completed. The results are impressive. Take a look in our video at the work of developers and designers – mostly in roles they are unaccustomed to.

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