Gameforge Let’s Play Guidelines

We are always pleased to hear about interest in our online games as well as the numerous requests for ‘let’s play’ videos from our community. To simplify your video creation process, we have created the following guidelines for your perusal.

Who is permitted to create and release ‘let’s play’ videos?

A let’s play video is a commentated video recording of a game playthrough. The recorded scenes on the videos are categorically copyrighted material. For this reason, it is strictly prohibited to release a let’s play video without first obtaining the permission of the original rights holder.

With this in mind, Gameforge expressly encourages users to create and release let’s play videos on Gameforge’s online games with consideration of these let’s play guidelines.

However, it is requested that you inform us of your intent to release a let’s play video: please send a message to, including details on the online game, the video channel to be used and an email contact address.

Gameforge will store this data in a database and only use it for the express purpose of occasionally informing you of let’s play relevant information, such as closed betas for example. This data can be deleted at any time simply by sending an email to the address stated above. This will cause you no other costs than the transmission costs stated in the base rates (i.e. the costs of your internet, email, mobile phone or telephone connection).

Is there a minimum required age?

In principle there is no minimum age required. Provided the terms of use for the affected video platform are not contravened, let’s play videos can also be created and released by younger players. Users not of age and their parents are however expressly recommended to align their let’s play videos to the correspondent age restrictions set out by the USK or PEGI and also to ensure that they observe the SAFE PLAY recommendations.

Is there anything else to consider?

Let’s play videos may and should convey a personal opinion on the online game and can place themselves in critical opposition of the game. They should also remain fair and, alongside the terms of use for the affected video platform, recognition of the fact that let’s play videos are watched by a large number of different users should also be made. Political or religious stances, unlawful or any other content that do not relate to the scenes been broadcast should not be contained within a let’s play video. It is also worth noting that both in the audio component as well as any associated text content should consist of appropriate language. In addition, the audio component may require the receipt of additional permissions should you choose to use additional background music, for example.

Gameforge does not check let’s play videos for their legal permissibility and does not claim let’s play videos as their own.

However in individual cases, inappropriate let’s play videos on Gameforge online games can be sent to Gameforge via email to

What are let’s play videos for?

There can be many different reasons for creating let’s play videos. Usually, the creator wishes to explain or dissect the scenes they show from the game they are playing and in this manner, garner more interest in both them and the game.

Even the reasons for watching a let’s play video can be very different. It is often the case that a let’s play video is watched as a result of interest in a particular game, but let’s play videos also offer an excellent opportunity to get a glimpse of a game in action and thereby help to form an opinion of said game.