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24. September 2018

The Ultimate Challenge Awaits

SoulWorker’s Primal Raid Update is Available Now

Karlsruhe, 24/9/2018 | Gameforge and South Korean developer Lion Games’ extraordinary free-to-play anime action-MMO SoulWorker today delivers the smackdown with the release of a new content update, which includes the game’s toughest task so far: the Primal Raid.

Players must embrace their inner anime-teenage heroes and gather their friends to face a new tier of challenges in the ongoing quest to rid the world of evil.

Available now through a free game update on Steam and the Gameforge portal, SoulWorker’s newly-added Primal Raid is fresh end-game content for hardcore SoulWorker players looking for fame and glory. Those who embark on the Primal Raid will face a powerful leviathan only known to a few survivors as The Primal. Even max-level players will need the support of allies: the Primal Raid demands a four-person party minimum, with room for up to eight, and it can only be accessed once all initial raid quests and the Golden Citadel have been bested. Powerful gear and rewards await those who defeat The Primal.

Today also marks the start of two new in-game events for SoulWorker players of all skill-levels. For the hardest of hardcore, the ‘Fight the Primal!’ event rewards players for completing the Primal Raid three, five, and ten times. Warriors-in-training can also hone their skills and unlock rewards by entering the ‘Visit the Rookie Raids!’ event, which requires completing each or all four Rookie raids up to fifteen times during the event to unlock subsequent rewards like boosters and housing items.

Players can now also spend their hard-earned Grutin Gold on new Grutin Capsules with various unlockable prizes — the Clingy Otter backpack accessory, Fluffy Grutin Gloves, and Fluffy Grutin Shoes.


About SoulWorker

SoulWorker is an anime action MMO where players choose between four heroes Haru, Lilly, Stella or Erwin are confronted by merciless creatures in a post-apocalyptic world. A world threatened by the Great Void, an all-absorbing portal which has been the cause of death for many people already, and which paved the way for countless demons to arrive. As a SoulWorker, a survivor of the void with supernatural abilities, players put a stop to forces of evil in quick and intense battles. The emotions of SoulWorkers are so strong that they are able to transform their souls into powerful weapons. But first they have to learn how to handle their newly acquired strength – and do so before all of humanity is wiped out.
After having made big waves in Korea and Japan already, SoulWorker has now opened its doors to Europe and North America. The anime action MMO can be downloaded for free at or on Steam

About Gameforge

Founded in 2002, Gameforge is a leading publisher and operator of highly acclaimed Massively
Multiplayer Online (MMO) and browser-based game titles. Gameforge builds active, enduring global communities while supporting players through the highest quality LiveOps, localized community management, and impactful delivery of fresh content.
Gameforge’s diverse portfolio of highly successful gaming brands provides engaging experiences for players from all walks of life: core MMORPG titles AION, TERA, Kingdom Under Fire 2, and Metin2, beloved anime MMOs Elsword, NosTale, and SoulWorker, along with strategy-focused browser games like OGame and Ultimate Pirates.
More information is available on

Title: SoulWorker
Genre: Anime-Action-MMO
Platform: Windows PC
Release Date: 2018
Developer: Lion Games
Languages: EN, DE, FR


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