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06. May 2013

Wizard101: new world Azteca opens its gates

Karlsruhe, 06.05.2013 – Gameforge is publishing an expansive update for the enchanting MMO Wizard101, allowing players to dive into the legendary Azteca. As the largest published world up until now, Azteca offers countless new quests, items, spells and much more. Azteca is suitable for adventurous wizards that have already completed Avalon. The maximum wizard level increases from 80 to 90 here too. Azteca is therefore the most challenging world of Wizard101 and will appeal to young apprentice wizards between the ages of 8 and 12 in particular, offering an enchanting game world.
Floating mountains, dewy swamps, mystical pyramids
The ancient jungle world of Azteca was long thought lost, destroyed by a terrible misfortune.
But now a cry for help has arrived in Ravenwood: a messenger from the home of the Aztecosaurs has asked for our help on behalf of the people of Azteca!

The world of Azteca at a glance

  • The maximum level increases to 90. The new title for the most experienced wizards is “Prometheus”. Alongside that there are also equipment items in the style of the Mayas and Aztecs to discover and powerful level 90 class spells inspired by the myths and legends of South America, such as the Celestial Calendar (Myth School) or the Sun Serpent (Fire School).


  • Azteca consists of a total of 13 exciting zones, each with their own individual charm: from the airy bird village of Alto Alto, high up in the tree tops, to the depths of the Pitch Black Lake, up to the Floating Mountains of the Jaguars and across to the damp Mangrove Marsh: foul bugs, vicious fish and wild quetzals become obstacles for the young wizards.


  • Helpful new Astral School spells including quests: the Astral Schools are three additional magic schools (Sun, Moon and Stars) whose magic anyone can learn, providing they have completed the corresponding quests. There’s lots of new magic to be discovered here in Azteca.


  • New crafting level: in Azteca skilled crafting Wizards can expect a new crafting quest including a new crafting level and other useful recipes.
  • New mounts: amongst other mounts, players can ride a wild T-rex through the jungle!

About Wizard101

About Gameforge

Founded in 2002, Gameforge is a leading publisher and operator of highly acclaimed Massively
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Title: Wizard101
Genre: Fantasy MMORPG
PEGI: 12
Platform: Windows PC
Release Date: 2010
Developer: KingsIsle Entertainment, Inc.

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