Elsword centres on the mythical Eldrit stone, from which the continent of Elios draws its energy. Eight masters protect this stone; creatures such as the machine-like Nasod even draw their life force from it. However, the masters have become divided, as one of them wanted to control all the power himself. The stone broke into several pieces and these pieces were scattered all over the world. Now, it is up to the player to secure the stone and the future of Elios.

The action MMO Elsword impresses with its distinctive blend of 2D side-scroller and role-playing game in an Anime style. These two gameplay traditions blend together to make Elsword a unique, dynamic gaming experience. The player fights their way through an exciting world of action, magic and adventure in over 35 dungeons. The role-playing game level-up process and the creation of weapons and armour bring added depth and character to the game. A PvP system allows players to face each other in countless arenas.

In keeping with the anime style, all characters, regardless of the armour already equipped, can individually customise themselves with additional outfits. Thanks to this no two characters look the same!

Genre: Anime MMORPG
PEGI: 12
Platform: Windows PC
Release Date: 2010
Developer: KOG' Studios

Press releases about Elsword

14. June 2017

Elsword: New Character Ain Announced

Karlsruhe, 14/6/2017 – Gameforge and South Korean developers KOG’ are introducing a new character class to the anime sidescroller Elsword: Ain makes the round dozen of playable heroes. The angel named Ainchase Ishmael combines his godly powers with the earthly precious stone, EL. His ancient… more

19. May 2016

Elsword: Expansion introduces Elysion region

Karlsruhe, 19/5/2016 – South Korean development studio KOG and Gameforge are introducing the continent of Elysion in the latest update to Anime side-scroller Elsword. New quests and rewards, varied fields and dungeons as well as the increased level cap to 85 all offer sustained entertainment… more

15. December 2015

The winners of the Elsword contest have been decided!

Karlsruhe, 15/12/2015 – The video/song contest ‘Playing with Fire!’ for side-scrolling MMO Elsword has now ended and the winners have been announced today on the contest page, http://elsword.co.uk/contest. A video cut, inclusive of the announcement, can be viewed at this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Gh3I_6u_0E Up until 30th… more

12. November 2015

Two weeks remain in the Elsword Contest!

Karlsruhe, 12/11/2015 – The video/song contest for side-scrolling MMO Elsword ends on 30th November 2015. In-game and cover videos of the song ‘Playing with Fire’ can continue to be submitted until this date. At the same time, it is also possible to place and alter… more

19. December 2013

Elsword: update introduces new playable character ‘Ara’

Karlsruhe, 19.12.2013 – Publisher Gameforge’s side-scrolling MMO Elsword is today gaining a further character class, bringing the squad of heroes to a total of seven playable characters: martial arts warrior Ara. Anime fans can also look forward to the new desert region Sander, which comes… more

12. July 2013

Elsword: successful Anime MMO to hit UK shores

  Karlsruhe, 11.07.2013 – The popular Anime MMO Elsword launches in the UK on the 17th July. It is a unique mixture of 2D side-scrolling action and role-playing in an Anime style. With cool combos, players fight their way through an exciting world full of… more