For centuries a bitter war has been raging between the enemy kingdoms of Valorian and Derion. The third faction of the fantasy MMORPG, Gor, stands as a neutral territory between the enemies. This kingdom of merchants and mercenaries has always kept out of the war for supremacy over Iberia. A fantastic journey with countless quests and exciting time travel heroes willing to enter the conflict. Mysterious dungeons must be explored and violent monsters must be eliminated in order to harvest Iberia’s legendary treasures. Three nations and six different classes are available to players. In between exciting battles, equipment items can be upgraded through the individual crafting system and enhanced with magical attributes to make the next war all the more successful.

Duels between players can be carried out anytime on the open battlefield. PvP events take place every day, in which wars for supremacy over particular areas of the kingdom are carried out. Castle sieges are the weekly highlight of PvP battles. During these, two guilds face each other and fight over one of four castles. The winner can then use the castle as a guild house for the next week.

Genre: Fantasy MMORPG
PEGI: 12
Platform: Windows PC
Release Date: 2008
Developer: Zemi Interactive Co. Ltd.