Browser MMO Ikariam breathes new life into the ancient world, letting the player construct their own island kingdom. Once the pioneering spirit of your subjects has been awakened, the small island folk can develop into a thriving nation with countless wants and needs. With extensive fields of research, clever scientists can develop advanced machines, hot-air balloons, paddle wheels for ships and even devastating war machines.

As a result, more and more flourishing towns are founded, their citizens researching and forging, trading and fighting. With determination, skill and courage, a small civilisation can be transformed into a distinguished island kingdom.

The 3D building map provides a clear overview of your people’s level of development. Once the citizens start becoming more demanding and the resources start running out, skilled trading or battle can refill the warehouses. As a warlord, the player has to master land and sea tactics to be able to occupy foreign towns. However, alliances with neighbouring islands can also strengthen your nation.

In the near future, there will be a dawn of a new era for Ikariam players: Gameforge will be releasing the popular browser game as a tablet app. This will offer the game’s whole function range and allow a brand new Ikariam experience via touchscreen.

Genre: Strategy
Platform: Browser
Release Date: 2008
Developer: Gameforge

Press releases about Ikariam

06. November 2012

Ikariam to make history on the iPad

Ready for the future: Gameforge publishes tablet version of the four-time award-winning browser game Karlsruhe, 06.11.2012 – Ikariam, one of the most successful browser games ever with over 51 million registered players, is going mobile: following a successful trend. The market for digital entertainment and,… more

24. May 2012

Ikariam: update brings a fresh look to the digital ancient world

New version re-energizes the popular browser strategy game with a brand-new layout, new features and improved ease of use Karlsruhe, 24.05.2012 - Gameforge, Europe's leading provider of online games has breathed new life into the popular browser game Ikariam. Thanks to launch of update 0.5.0,… more

10. September 2008

Gameforge Unveils Official Game Trailer for Ikariam

Teaser Trailer to Introduce the Elegant, Browser-Based Strategy Game SAN FRANCISCO - September 10, 2008 - Gameforge Productions Inc., a developer and publisher of browser-based multiplayer games, today released the teaser trailer for Ikariam, the massively multiplayer strategy game. The trailer offers a quick glance into… more

05. August 2008

Gameforge Announces Media Partnership with Curse.com

Curse to Launch Page for Free-To-Play, Web-Based Title IkariamThis Release's Tags SAN FRANCISCO - August 4, 2008 - Gameforge Productions INC, a developer and publisher of browser-based multiplayer titles, has announced a media partnership with Curse INC, the premier web portal for massively multiplayer games and… more