In the exciting online role-playing game NosTale, players and their friends fight a dark threat in order to protect the lively village of NosVille. As a swordsman, archer or magician, they roam deserted areas such as the Fernon Temple, the ice island Glacernon and the Krem Mountains. Challenging raids dare large player groups to go on monster hunts together, or to get involved in challenging PvP battles.

Various specialisations are possible in every class, unlocking new combinations of equipment and special skills. Weapons, clothing, jewellery, skills and hairstyles can be chosen to create an outstanding hero.

NosTale’s impressive pet system lets players catch and tame wild monsters and animals, which can be used tactically in battle. Create your dream home in your Miniland: a personal home with trees, flowers, a terrace and a garden offers a great atmosphere for parties with friends and allows you to take a break from your adventurous life.

Another great feature is NosTale’s wedding system, allowing players’ characters to get married. A venue for the party is decorated and includes a wedding cake and fireworks.

Genre: Fantasy MMORPG
Platform: Browser, Windows PC
Release Date: 2007
Developer: Entwell

Press releases about NosTale

19. September 2017

Cuddly Combatants Incoming: NosTale Launches in the US

Karlsruhe/Germany, 9/19/2017 | NosTale, the popular anime MMORPG by Korean developer Entwell, is opening its doors to the US market. From today on, Gameforge will be providing US players with the chance to play with three cute but hard-hitting classes with 28 specializations. NosTale also comes with an… more

19. September 2012

NosTale: Content update and community event for 5th birthday

Three new specialists, exciting challenges and attractive events all wait for players for the 5th birthday celebrations Karlsruhe, 19/09/2012 – Gameforge releases an extensive content update to celebrate the 5th birthday of NosTale in Europe. Swordsmen, archers and magicians get to make use of the… more