13. November 2018

TERA Update Introduces Talent System, New Dungeon and Elin Brawler

New features with Patch 76

Karlsruhe 13/11/2018 – The latest patch 76 coming today will introduce numerous new features for Gameforge’s MMORPG TERA. The update introduces the long-awaited talent system, … more

10. October 2018

Rising from the shadows: New TERA update introduces additional skills

Karlsruhe 09/10/2018 – The next big update to fantasy MMO TERA comes October 9th: Patch 75 under the name “Rising from the shadows” brings the … more

05. October 2018

OGame: Special Server and Birthday Events

Galactic Classic celebrates 16th Anniversary

Karlsruhe, 05/10/2018 – On October 3rd, in 2002, the browser game OGame was launched! It went on to become a massive hit which even today, … more

24. September 2018

The Ultimate Challenge Awaits

SoulWorker’s Primal Raid Update is Available Now

Karlsruhe, 24/9/2018 | Gameforge and South Korean developer Lion Games’ extraordinary free-to-play anime action-MMO SoulWorker today delivers the smackdown with the release of a new … more

24. September 2018

Amazing Resonance with 350,000 Visitors at the Schlosslichtspiele!

Around 350,000 visitors came to see the spectacle at this year’s Schlosslichtspiele in Karlsruhe, which included Gameforge’s very own film being projected onto the palace façade every evening. The feedback was fantastic, both for the film and the recruitment event. But even if you weren’t able to make it, we have something for you!

The Schlosslichtspiele 2018 came to a close on 9th September, but that’s no cause for sorrow. We’re thrilled and proud to have played a creative … more

20. September 2018

AION: Huge Update Gives Game Back to Fans

The completely refreshed game comes after a beta phase and numerous improvements, all presented under the premise ‘Here comes the AION that you always wanted’

Karlsruhe, 20/9/2018 | Shortly before the ninth European anniversary of MMO fantasy role-playing game AION, publisher Gameforge is releasing one of the biggest updates of … more

30. August 2018

Runes of Magic now also available on Steam

Publisher Gameforge releases the MMO classic Runes of Magic on Steam and launches new servers

Karlsruhe, 30. August 2018 | Gameforge and developers Runewaker released the award-winning role-playing title Runes of Magic worldwide on Steam yesterday. With around 10 million … more

07. August 2018

Guardians of Ember

Gameforge has acquired the publishing rights to the popular Hack’n’Slash MMORPG

KARLSRUHE, GERMANY, AUGUST 07, 2018 Gameforge — the leading western publisher of popular Asian free-to-play multiplayer online games like SoulWorker, Elsword and NosTale — today … more

27. July 2018

Gameforge sets the stage for Karlsruhe Palace – and searches for new players!

When the Karlsruhe Palace is once more decked out in the dazzling lights of the Schlosslichtspiele, one thing cannot go amiss: Gameforge! We are the main sponsor for the event, where international artists transform the palace façade into a spectacular canvas for animated pictures.

The motto behind Gameforge’s driving force is ‘Global Player(s)‘, as we are one of the most successful international companies in the gaming industry, with millions … more

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