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1. How do I apply for a job at Gameforge?

We prefer to receive applications via our simple and fast application portal. Apply for specific positions using the “Apply directly” button on the particular job advertisement page, or send an open application using the “Apply now” button on the main job page.

A member of the HR department, listed in the top-right of the application window, will get in contact with you soon after receiving your application.

2. How does the application process work?

After you have applied we will send you confirmation that we have received your application. That’s where our part begins. Firstly, we will check your submitted application documents and assign them to the appropriate department area. A member of the HR team will then get in touch with you to explain the next steps. We always try to get the most out of our applicants, which means that we also consider whether there are any other openings beyond the position provided in the application which might be appropriate. For this reason we are also happy to accept spontaneous applications, as long as these include information regarding the relevant areas of interest.

It is our policy to keep our applicants fully informed about the status of their applications during the entire process. Whatever the situation, you will always be informed about the outcome of your application.

3. Which documents do I need to submit?

As a rule the following documents should be submitted:

  • A covering letter detailing your motivation for the position and for working for Gameforge, current contractual obligations and salary expectations.
  • Your CV detailing employment history including respective areas of responsibility, and details of school, university and/or vocational education and training.
  • Certificates and references pertaining to previous professional development, achievements and qualifications.
  • For applications for positions relating to graphic design or copywriting, a portfolio of work or examples of expressive, non-scientific writing should be included.

4. Are there deadlines for applications?


5. How should I prepare for an interview?

Applicants should be well informed about the company and its products. You don’t need to be a hardcore gamer to work for Gameforge, but a certain affinity for games and the gaming industry is expected, especially when working closely with the products.

During an interview we try to get to know the applicant both personally and professionally. Applicants should therefore have an idea of the professional requirements of the advertised position, and consider which qualifications they can bring to the table.

6. Are English skills necessary?

Yes. Gameforge is an international company comprising an international team of around 35 nationalities, making English an indispensable part of day-to-day communication.

7. Should the application be written in German or English?

German is the predominant working language, though much communication is done in English, so we accept applications in both German and English.

8. Can I send an open application?

Sure, preferably using our online tool on the website. See Question 1 in the FAQ.

9. What should I expect in a telephone or Skype interview?

The telephone interview is the first stage in the application process, during which we get to know the applicant, answering any questions and sounding out both our expectations and those of the applicant.

Entry-level opportunities

10. Does Gameforge offer work experience or internships to school students?

Yes. 🙂

Each semester, 2 pupils can get an impression of what working at Gameforge looks like.

Many departments provide insight into their day-to-day work and the interns can prove themselves in small work assignments.

How do I apply? On our homepage there is the possibility of the initiative application. Please send us your curriculum vitae and a cover letter with information about the period of the internship and your interests at Gameforge.

After an internal examination, whether we can actually offer the internship for the period, we will get back with you in any case.

11. Can I work from home or as a freelancer?

As a rule we only work with freelancers in exceptional cases. Our company policy is to employ our staff directly. Unless the job description explicitly describes the position as being for freelancers, the role is a permanent position in our office in Karlsruhe.

12. How soon should I apply for an internship/final year project?

We consider it best if we receive your application approximately 2-4 months before the start of the internship. For one thing this ensures there is enough time for the application process, but it also means that the start of the internship is not too far in the future, allowing us to better estimate the requirements and capacities of the various departments.

13. Does Gameforge offer training schemes? If so, in which professions?

Not at the present moment.

14. Does Gameforge offer dual studies?

Not at the present moment.

15. Are the positions listed in a job advertisement still vacant even after a long period?

As long as a position is still listed on our website, it is generally still vacant.

It is often the case that a single job advertisement represents a number of vacancies, such that there may still be openings even after a long period of time has passed. The same rule applies here: as long as the position is listed on our website, there is generally a vacancy behind it.

16. Is it possible to write a final year thesis at Gameforge?

Yes, we also offer this possibility to a limited extent. Gameforge does not generally supply any topics, but we are always happy to hear suggestions. Should a topic be of interest to us, we will certainly entertain the notion of providing support and mentoring – always depending, of course, on the current capacities of the respective departments.

17. Would it be possible to work as a sound designer?

Gameforge’s requirements in terms of sound design are covered externally. We do not have an internal sound department, and we are not currently looking for any other studio collaboration.

Working for Gameforge

18. Is there a dress code?

No, there is no dress code at Gameforge. Employees can wear what they like.

19. How should I refer to people?

All employees at Gameforge – from interns right through to the CEO – talk to one another on a first-name basis (in German, “du”). Nevertheless, we maintain a more formal atmosphere during the application procedure (in German, “Sie”).

20. Which perks does Gameforge offer?

Gameforge offers its employees free breakfast and lunch in the canteen in one of the company buildings. In addition there is always fresh fruit and a selection of drinks available. We are particularly proud of the fact that we offer our employees massages for a small fee. Every worker has a personal contact person in the HR department, making it very easy for them to settle in. This contact person is also there to answer queries about other benefits or anything else pertaining to working at Gameforge.


21. How can I contact Gameforge?

For questions relating to applications, jobs and openings etc., the HR department can be contacted between 9am and 5pm under +49 721 354 808 244.

22. Which email address should I use to submit questions regarding my application?

Please use the email address hr-support@gameforge.com, if you have problems with the online application.

For applications please use our online application tool.


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  • Game Design / Monetization (1)
  • Internships / Student Trainees / Thesis Papers (2)
  • IT / Technical Development (7)
  • Localization / Translation (1)
  • Payment / Risk Management (1)
  • Product Management (3)
  • Project Management (2)
  • Quality Assurance (1)

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Internships / Student Trainees / Thesis Papers

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