Entry Level Opportunities

1. Does Gameforge offer work experience or internships for school students?

Yes, but currently school internships are only possible again starting in July 2021. Each semester, 2 students can get an impression of what working at Gameforge looks like. Many departments provide insight into their day-to-day work, and the interns can prove themselves in small work assignments.

How do I apply? On our homepage there is the option to submit an unsolicited ‘Speculative Application’. Please send us your curriculum vitae and a cover letter with information about the duration of the desired internship and your interests at Gameforge. After an internal examination of whether we can offer the internship for the time period, we will send you a response with our answer.

 2. Can I work as a freelancer?

As a rule, we only work with freelancers in exceptional cases. Our company policy is to employ our staff directly. Unless the job description explicitly describes the position as being for freelancers, the role is for a permanent position in our office in Karlsruhe.

3. How soon should I apply for an internship/final year project?

We consider it best if we receive your application approximately 2-4 months before the start of the internship. For one thing, this ensures there is enough time for the application process, but it also means that the start of the internship is not too far in the future, allowing us to better estimate the requirements and capacities of the various departments.

4. Does Gameforge offer training schemes? If so, in which professions?

Yes, we offer apprenticeships as an IT specialists* for software development or system integration. You can find current vacancies here.

5. Does Gameforge offer dual studies?

No, not at the moment.

6. Are the positions listed in a job advertisement still vacant even after a long period?

So long as a position is still listed on our website, it is generally still vacant. It is often the case that a single job advertisement is online for a long time because there are several vacancies to fill.

7. Is it possible to write a final year thesis at Gameforge?

Yes, we also offer this possibility to a limited extent. Gameforge does not generally supply any topics, but we are always happy to hear suggestions. Should a topic be of interest to us, we will certainly entertain the notion of providing support and mentoring your thesis – always depending, of course, on the current capacities of the respective departments.