GAMEFORGE: A Great Place to Work

96% of our colleagues consider Gameforge a safe place to work

Aside from visits from safety engineers, office inspections, first aiders, fire safety helpers, safety assistants, we are especially proud of how effectively we planned and carried out our switch to working from home even before the German Government announced the "lockdown" back in 2020.

With such a nice result from our colleagues we can clearly see that our feeling is justified. 







96% of our colleagues consider Gameforge a fair place to work

We encourage diversity and inclusion.

Age, gender or ethnicity are simply not factors to consider when it comes to how we treat each other.

We are aware that diversity in the workplace can only bring us forward and we embrace it!







95% of our colleagues consider Gameforge a welcoming place to work

We are an international company and our colleagues come from 35 different nations.

Back in 2017 we officially switched our official company language to English in order to create an inclusive environment for all our non-German colleagues.
After all, almost half of them are not from Germany!

We are always looking forward to new people joining us from anywhere in the world!







93% of our colleagues consider Gameforge a flexible place to work

We offer almost everyone the choice to work from the office or from home and with that also come flexible working hours.

We understand that our colleagues have families of their own, appointments, chores, a life outside of work and the importance of it.

Since the end of last year, a new Gameforge contract was crafted that now fully supports and protects our Hybrid culture.






91% of our colleagues consider Gameforge a caring place to work

We are fully aware of how work and daily life are constantly moving at a fast pace, this is why we always try to look after our colleagues.
Health days, vaccinations and even yearly eye tests are only a small part of it.

We always try to cover the needs of our colleagues from the moment they enter their offices until the time they leave for home.
Breakfast, lunch, drinks, unlimited coffee and tea supplies as well as a comfortable area to play and chill are available for all.

You can just show up for work and everything else we'll provide!