People at Gameforge - Tanja / Game Designer

Introduce yourself: What do you do at Gameforge and how long have you been part of the Gameforge team?

I’m Tanja and I’ve been working for Gameforge as a game designer for nearly 3 years. As the job title suggests, my main responsibilities lie in game design and the monetisation of our titles.

Describe your typical working day.

A typical day’s work depends heavily on where the current focus lies, and which games you’re currently working on.
But as a rule, the day starts out with reviewing whatever statistics are available for the current game, for example checking which items gamers have received in recent weeks, which items have been purchased in the shop etc.
After that, I usually deal with things like planning events and shop updates, designing game concepts, plus sundry other things that land on my desk.

Can you name your most common task?

Planning events and shop updates, checking and adjusting new game updates for our regions, and designing new concepts for the game.

What is the most enjoyable thing about your job?

I’d have to say working together with a variety of different departments both within and without the company, because you get to see so many different points of view and learn so many different methods of working. And of course the creative side of the job, designing new game features, planning events and then seeing them come to life.

What makes you and your position indispensable for Gameforge?

Game designers are crucial for keeping new and existing players interested in our games and providing them with the best possible gaming experience. We’re also responsible for monetising the game and its contents, and therefore obviously have an important part to play in keeping the company in the black. With our experience and expertise, we also have a supporting role when it comes to selecting new products and projects.

What made you decide to pursue this career?

I grew up with video games and simply wanted to share with other players all the fun and positive memories that I have from playing games.

Which three words describe the collaboration in your team?

Communication: Since we (almost) all work on different game projects, we have a lot of experience to share and we can all learn from one another.
Reliability: Whenever anyone needs help, the others are right there with advice and support.
And last, but by no means least: fun!

What qualities does an applicant need to have to be successful in your department, both in terms of the job and in terms of the team?

You need to have some level of game design expertise when it comes to things like game analysis, design, mechanics and concepts, or even just the life cycle of a game product. Since we also deal with monetisation, obviously knowledge in this area is a bonus.
A good dollop of creativity never goes amiss. Furthermore, you need to be motivated, well-organised and have decent communication skills, as life as a game designer means working with a wide range of different people and departments.

In your opinion, what makes Gameforge special as an employer?

No two jobs are the same, and you’re always learning something new.

What do you wish for Gameforge’s future?

Lots of success with all its projects, and that the company stays true to its values and continues to live them.

What games are you privately interested in most?

My favourite genres are platformers, adventure games, and simulation games, but I’m generally open to anything and enjoy picking up the odd crazy indie title.
I used to be big into MMORPGs, but they’re sadly too time-consuming. Still, I don’t mind dipping my toes in every now and again.

And now for an inside story. What is your personal highlight at Gameforge?

Definitely learning which game I’d be allowed to work on as a game designer.

Why do you like working in Karlsruhe and what’s your favourite location here?

Karlsruhe has a certain charm. Even though the city’ relatively big, it’s kept a provincial character. Since I don’t live in Karlsruhe directly, it’s a plus that it’s so easy to reach by road.
My favourite place in Karlsruhe is the lake in the palace gardens, I made some great memories there.

What are you interested in outside of work?

My pets, reading, nail art and video games, of course.

What do you still want to achieve in life?

Rather than big goals, I prefer to set myself smaller goals every day. You never know what’s going to happen from one moment to the next, what challenges or obstacles life could throw up any minute. Having smaller goals means being able to look back over the day at something positive.

Imagine Gameforge were a party. What would your responsibilities be before, during and/or after the party?

I’m not much of a party person, so I’d busy myself in the background with the organising, making sure everyone has what they need and that they’re having fun.

On a scale of 1 to 10 – how crazy are you?

That all depends on the situation! It could be anywhere between 1 and 10. (laughing)


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